Fitness Centers

Competition amongst fitness centers and health clubs has never been keener for attracting new members.

For those that want to promote their centers as the best place to get a complete 30 minute workout and appeal to clients who value their time, the HTM is ideal.  And unique.  No other leading equipment offers so much versatility to allow a complete workout in just 30 minutes.  With more than 50 settings and its ability to provide strength and flexibility exercises, the HTM is ideal for both young and older clients.  Watch our demo videos.

upper arms

A complete 30 minute session per visit means more capacity for your facility and greater client satisfaction.

Having HTM means being able to properly service more clients in busy peak hours, reducing wait times and ensuring they each get all they need.

Instead of needing workouts on several machines, your clients will get all they need from just one machine.

Why bother with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, and weights that take up precious space ? The HTM needs the space of just two chairs !


Find the perfect equipment for your business.. the HTM ..and start to add new customers and increase your capacity in peak after work hours.


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